Staged By Cathi

One of the biggest and most important value-added benefits I bring as your “transition partner” is providing you with my Home Staging services, which are complimentary to my clients and offered at a reasonable cost to non-real estate clients.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Your goal: to sell your home quickly and for the most money.

My goal as your Realtor®: to help you achieve your goal by presenting your home to sell fast AND for top dollar! As a certified Home Stager, I offer extra guidance and tools to help you do that!

Home staging is the visual strategy that sells your home for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.

Remember: the day you list your home it no longer belongs to you. It is your buyer’s new home!

If you are selling your home, no matter whether you have owned it for 40 years or just moved there four months ago, it is most important that the first thought buyers have – online or in person – is “I can see myself living here!” followed by, “I want to see more.”

What impression do you want to give about how you have cared for your home – which, in addition to being your core living environment, is your most significant financial asset?

The marketing pictures on the MLS listing, KW site,, Facebook and the dozens of other websites where we market homes are most often what bring people to your doorstep for a showing – or not.

Strategic staging creates an environment – in photos and in person – that “welcomes your buyer home!”

Lots of shows on HGTV lead people to think that staging is an expensive add-on involving construction and new furniture to make homes look like million-dollar properties. Not always so.  Actually, rarely so.

There are three levels in my approach to home staging: 1) Basic Staging; 2) “A Little Bit of the Right Reno” Staging, and 3) Empty House Staging. Often, basic staging will do the trick; sometimes, a little more is needed.

I work together with my clients so you can determine which level will achieve the best results to help you meet your goals!

Are you a potential seller? Consider scheduling a Home Staging consultation before you make a final decision on price.

Are you a Realtor® who wants to add value while still keeping the costs down? Awesome, because I offer Realtor® referred pricing.

Is your house going to be empty?  Consider partial staging of the rooms found to make the most difference: living room, dining room, master bedroom, kitchen and the outside entry space. Note: the one room I always stage, even if the house is empty, is the powder room.  

Do you want to get your house ready to SELL, and not sit on the market? Then I strongly recommend it be clean, decluttered and have a bit of “strategic rearranging”. 

Sounds so simple and so smart, but it is not always done. Even in a sellers’ market, buyers quickly move on from a messy, sad house to look at the next one… and these houses sit, even in a hot market, for over 45 days with multiple price reductions, when similar homes that shine go in under 2 weeks.

What first impression do you want your home to make to your prospective buyers?

Email me or call at 703-971-7237 to schedule your staging or listing consultation today!