I “HEART” My Partners

One of the really awesome parts of real estate is that I get to work with many wonderful people who provide important services that support my clients’ as they prepare to buy or sell a home.  These partnerships range from people who own HVAC companies to auction houses, from roofers to attorneys, from painters to plumbers, and from title companies to companies that haul trash away in less than a day.

I have a policy that I want to be able to say to my clients, “I know just the person to meet that need,” and not have to look someone up online and hope that the vendor shows up on time – or at all!   My partners support me and my mission of helping my clients meet their goals and achieve their dreams – and I love doing the same for them.

This page is the place where I tell the world about my partners’ services. Come back and visit, as this list is going to be growing quickly!   I also feature partners in my bi-monthly newsletter.  Why?  Because I want you to “HEART” my partners, too.


Let me introduce Jennifer Hammer, Market Manager for Legacy Navigator. Their tag line is minimizing your family’s stress; maximizing your estate’s value. In summing up their services, Jen says, “people get overwhelmed by their stuff.  In times of distress, when downsizing, or dealing with divorce and death, people often either get rid of things for pennies on the dollar or nothing; or, they rent what becomes the world’s most expensive storage unit.”  At Legacy Navigator, they are pros at connecting people with support services, including social workers, grief counselors, estate sale companies, Realtors and estate attorneys. Co-founded by Matt Paxton, known for his work on TV’s Hoarders, much of their work focuses on hoarding and helping to settle estates. However, Jen assures us that they work with a variety of clients to lessen the stress in life transitions.

Using their approach with individuals, couples and families who are asset rich and cash poor, Legacy Navigator can make the down payment for assisted living, pay for staging services and make needed home repairs to get the greatest value for their home. They and their vendors are paid from the proceeds of their home’s sale at closing. Legacy Navigator has even paid the mortgage, utilities and HOA fees to avoid foreclosure.  Jen concludes, “we want to get it all ready, and get the best value with the least stress for the individual, family or heirs.”  Learn more at www.legacynavigator.com.