Over 50? Selling & Buying? What are Your Goals?

While I sell homes for and to all individuals to help them meet their goals and achieve their dreams, I really enjoy working with adults over 50.

For those who are over 50, selling your home is about so much more than setting the best price, the reach of the marketing campaign and how many days your home is on the market. Selling your home is your path to meeting your goals and achieving your dreams.

Many of your the goals are financial, but most often they are not.  Meeting your personal and relationship goals can be even more satisfying than the financial gains because they are what make your dreams come true.

What is your BIG goal for the next chapter of your life?

  • To move closer to and spend more time with your kids and grandkids?
  • To find a one level home or condo without the stairs that are so painful to the knees and hips?
  • To easily gain access to increasing levels of support and care as the need arises?
  • To have a small yard – or no yard – to mow, weed and shovel?
  • To lock it and leave it so you can travel at a moment’s notice?
  • To play golf or tennis whenever the spirit moves you?

Research shows that when you write down your goals and share them with family and friends, you are more likely to achieve them. Keeping goals front and center helps you stay motivated during what can be a pretty stressful time of transition.

My mission is to sell real estate to help people meet their goals and achieve their dreams. How can I help get you on the path to achieving your dreams?  One great way to start is to call or email me today to receive a copy of my Blueprint for Home Sellers & Buyers Over 50.  

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