What It Means to Be Your Transition Partner

Why choose me to be Your Transition Partner?  What are the values guiding my approach?

It starts with my mission statement: I help people meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

These are core values I place in being your partner:

P is for Personal.  The focus is on your unique, personal needs, and finding the BEST way to meet your needs, goals and dreams.

A is for Attitude. Mine is grounded in gratitude and I focus on the possibilities when making decisions and solving problems.

R is for Respect for everyone involved in the process and the contributions they make to get us to the closing table and to the next chapter of your life.

T is for TEAM!  If we are partners, we are on the same team and working together – not just for a Win – for a Win-Win.

N is for NOW!  What can we do today to move closer to meeting those goals and achieving those dreams?

E is for Excellence. All of us deserve no less, and we sell ourselves and others short when we settle for less.  

R is for Relationships.  My business is built on a network of connected relationships, and on making and receiving personal referrals to people and businesses that I know will deliver with excellence and personalized care:

  • lenders, title agencies, attorneys and accountants;
  • organizations that provide support and care to aging parents and family members in need;
  • home inspectors, contractors to fix any problems found on inspection;
  • service providers for cleaning homes, windows and chimneys;
  • companies that coordinate decluttering, hold estate sales and pack and move you into the next home.

Why is having a partner important for you? Research shows that buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful life events. While some people offer discounted fees and ways to shortcut the process, I work hard to deliver the personalized services and high quality resources, with excellence, to help you meet your goals.

Let me be your partner to reduce the stress and increase success. That’s how I define Win-Win!


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