I’ve Got Goals!

Well, it’s official!  I am now a full time Realtor®.  

As I have said in a number of places to everyone who will listen, I really like Keller Williams.  One big reason is because of their attention to goal setting as a skill and as a PRACTICE!  Lots of people and organizations talk about goals, but it’s my experience that not many people follow through to achieve their goals.

I like goals.  They keep me focused and motivated to achieve my dreams.  I have three white boards in my office, and checking off items on my list with a red marker gives me a feeling of great accomplishment.  Writing down and working toward my goals on a weekly and monthly basis allows me to see and measure progress, and make corrections when I get off track. I focus on what is possible – what I CAN DO – rather than on the challenges along the way.  I am more proactive and less defensive when I view challenges as problems to be solved and part of the cost of doing business.

I want to share three of my goals for building my new real estate business.

The first is relational – to meet 100 new people in 100 days.  I am looking for people who can help me build my client base, increase access to sources for referral of new clients, or join my team of transition partners that includes mortgage brokers, title agents, inspectors and home repair contractors, and more. I am asking friends to introduce me to friends and colleagues, and will be hosting open houses for my KW colleagues while I am working to get listings of my own.

The second is educational – to complete the prep work on the two workshops and three videos that focus on my two primary audiences: First Time Home Owners and Boomers 2.0 who are considering downsizing and selling their family homes. Both are such major life transitions! I am almost finished with the First Time Buyers’ content and about 1/2 way through the Boomers’.  I have meetings set with a senior center and am building my list of libraries and churches to call to host the free workshops.  The videos are going to be such fun to make – but only after the content is well developed and ready to go. Gotta love YouTube!

The third goal is strategic – to get my DC license in the next two weeks so I can expand the scope and footprint of my business. My first two homes in the DC area were in the District and I have worked there on and off for over 40 years. It has great historic neighborhoods for first time buyers interested in city living; and, has many Boomers selling their long time family homes for a LOT more than they paid for them! I completed the required class and am now studying the DC Real Estate Law. (See? This is why I have goals, so I commit to and follow through with the boring, but necessary stuff!)

I need your help!  Please email me if you know anyone looking to buy or sell in Northern VA or DC, or if you know a great gatekeeper of people who might move, such as HR directors or estate attorneys.  I would love to help them meet their housing goals and achieve their dreams.

Thanks in advance!

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