“Why KW?”, she asked.

There are several great real estate companies in the DC Metro area, so I love to let people know why I chose Keller Williams when I decided to build my real estate business.  ccatkw smallerNet-Net: Because KW is a CAN DO kind of company.

The KW Mission is rock solid.  It is to have:

  • Careers Worth Having
  • Businesses Worth Owning
  • Lives Worth Living
  • Experiences Worth Giving
  • Legacies Worth Leaving

My mission statement is:

I am a Realtor® who loves to help people meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

The KW Values are:

  1. God First
  2. Family Second
  3. Business Third

The thinking behind the KW business practices keeps the focus on:

  • The BIG Why
  • BIG Goals &
  • BIG Models…

The KW Belief System is summarized by WI4C2TS, which is prominently displayed on the walls of every KW Market Center

  1. Win-Win or No Deal
  2. Integrity – Do the Right Thing
  3. Commitment – In All Things
  4. Communication – Seek First to Understand
  5. Creativity – Ideas Before Results
  6. Teamwork – Together We Achieve More
  7. Trust – Starts with Honesty
  8. Success – Results Through People

These are not just sayings or corporate buzz words.  It is how each KW Market Center is run.  Each center is unique, but connected by the KW values and belief system. It is why KW is consistently taking market share, in 2017 outperforming the market by 5-8%. It is a learning organization that gives generously to its agents and brokers, equipping them to be successful, because they know our success is theirs, and our clients’ success, too.


The KW McLean/Great Falls, VA office has an additional special quality and culture that supports, equips and encourages us all to be our best.  And, it shows: we are currently the #1 KW office in Virginia, the #1 real estate office in McLean and the #20 KW office in the country. We are a team, and the people and the outcomes demonstrate what WIN-WIN CAN DO – for us and for the clients we serve.

All of that is SO well aligned with my CAN DO model that it’s a perfect fit for me!

Thanks for asking!

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