Realtor®, Writer & Friend


Welcome to my blog!  My name is Cathi and I am a Realtor®, a writer & a friend.  What is most rewarding to me is when I can combine the three, and this blog is one place where that is going to happen a lot!

My approach to life is totally CAN DO, grounded in gratitude and possibilities.  Can Do is more than my life model, it is my world view.  I strongly value life-long learning and a goal-based approach to success in business and personal life.  The lifeblood of my Can Do life model is my commitment to building and nurturing positive, connected relationships in my personal and professional life.

I have made the life transition to full time Realtor®, and in the process achieved a goal that I have had for many years. Both of my parents were Realtors®, so I grew up surrounded by the practices and possibilities that this industry offers. My brother is a commercial Realtor® with Keller Williams in Ohio.  Two of my cousins, one on each side, are in real estate as well, so it’s in my blood. My mission statement is: I am a Realtor® who loves to help people meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

Why do I love being a Realtor®? Because I am committed to building a relationship-based business and helping people successfully make life transitions and achieve their goals. Research shows that the times of major life transitions can blow us off the stress scale. Transitions like moving, changing jobs, getting married and getting a divorce; or having your parents or a spouse die. As a human services professional – from counselor to program manager to executive leader – I have worked with thousands of people for over 30 years, supporting and guiding them as they navigated the changes inherent in life’s transitions, planned and not.

As a Realtor®, I am a friend, a guide and a source of support for people so they can achieve their goals and their dreams of home ownership. And, for those who are getting ready to make the other transition – to downsize and let go of their family home – I am a guide with my Can Do approach through the many, many decisions, challenges and life change involved there, too.  I act as advocate to help negotiate the best deal for my client, as either the buyer or the seller. Then, after the contract for the purchase or sale, I am the guide and primary resource person to help them successfully navigate the contingencies, inspections, loan approval and, finally, arrive at the closing.

I love to let people know why I chose Keller Williams: Because KW is a CAN DO kind of company.  The KW approach and thinking is powered by: The BIG Why, BIG Goals & BIG Models…

And, then there is the powerful KW Mission: Careers Worth Having; Businesses Worth Owning; Lives Worth Living; Experiences Worth Giving and Legacies Worth Leaving.  That’s what I want for myself, my family and for my clients.

As a writer, I will provide you with a bonus and share the stories of the communities where we live. My goal is to educate people in all stages of readiness for home and property purchase or sale so they have access to the best resources available and avoid costly pitfalls with articles, links and guest bloggers and podcasts. It’s going to be lots of learning and great fun!

So, you see, the real estate business for me is much more than helping clients buy and sell houses.  It is about connected relationships: assembling just the right team with the right values to meet my clients’ needs during a major life transition filled with complex decision making, legal contractual obligations and challenges. I really enjoy that process – and I ROCK at it!  It’s what my Can Do model is all about.

So, welcome to my blog.  I am delighted to be here – as your Realtor, writer & friend.  I hope to see you soon and often!



Licensed in VA and affiliated with Keller Williams McLean/Great Falls 



  1. Cath, this is awesome! Your writing skills blow me away. Looking forward to raising a glass ( or two😉) with you to celebrate your new adventure. See you in a few days. Julie

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  2. Great blog Cathi. I’ve no doubt you’ll be super-successful in this field. Congratulations once again!

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